More than 99 miles of paved trails and connected communities where you can surf the river, cycle the bike trail, and find your way through charming downtowns in southwest Ohio

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Register for the 2023 Riverway Half-Marathon
The September 10, 2023 Great Miami Riverway Half Marathon is presented by the Can't Stop Running Company.    The Great Miami Riverway Half Marathon is presented by Can't Stop Running Company.  COURSE: Start on Water Street ... Read More
Announcing the 2023 GREAT Miami Riverway Fishing Challenge
Register now for a virtual, family-friendly fishing tournament - the 2023 Great Miami Riverway Fishing Challenge is June 17 - August 13.  The Great Miami Riverway and the National Association of Professional River Anglers (NAPRA) have announced ... Read More
Dear Santa, All for I want for Christmas is a new bike (from a local bike store!)
About ten years ago, I purchased a bike at a local shop and it served me well. The kind of bike you take out on short trips. I rode it all over the Riverway on our bike trail system. However, this year I joined with some friends for a 2-day, 200+ mil ... Read More





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