More than 99 miles of paved trails and connected communities where you can surf the river, cycle the bike trail, and find your way through charming downtowns in southwest Ohio

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2023 Insider's Guide To Holiday Festivals
Below we've created a list to each Great Miami Riverway's holiday festival events. Some kick off right after Thanksgiving, while others trail into the first week or two of December. Each event is sure to be family-friendly and full of cheer.  & ... Read More
5 Places To Carry-Out For Thanksgiving
While many families choose to cook and host a traditional Thanksgiving meal, there are many reasons why you and your family may choose to dine at a restaurant instead. Rising food costs have become a concern in recent years, driving families to consi ... Read More
Winners announced for 2023 Great Miami Riverway Fishing Challenge - 676 bass logged
Brad Whitaker was the winner of the largest smallmouth bass caught with conventional tackle in the 2023 GREAT Miami Riverway Smallmouth Bass Fishing Challenge, coming in at 20.5 inches. In the Fly-Fishing category, Jake Minesinger landed the largest ... Read More





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