The Great Miami Riverway is our regional destination here in southwest Ohio. It is a 99-mile stretch of vibrant riverfront communities that engage in recreational and cultural opportunities. The goal of this placemaking initiative is to develop and implement ongoing marketing, planning, and programming to increase use of recreational, historical, and cultural assets; attract more visitors; support economic development; and strengthen river corridor neighborhoods.

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The Great Miami Riverway...

  • creates jobs
  • supports economic development
  • strengthens our communities

In 2019, the Riverway...

  • generated a $773 million tourism impact
  • sustained 9,110 jobs
  • created $219 million in personal income
  • invested $16 million in riverfront developments
  • built 118 new luxury apartments overlooking the Great Miami River
  • cleared 130 acres for development

The Great Miami Riverway builds on strengths...

  • $43 billion Ohio tourism market
  • $13 million economic impact Miami Valley Trail System
  • $2.8 billion direct tourism sales 5-county region
  • 47,758 tourism jobs 5-county region
  • 200,000 higher education students in over 20 colleges and universities
  • $24 million local/state government revenue from arts and culture

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National Distinctions

  • National Aviation Heritage Area
  • National Water Trail
  • National Recreation Trail
  • Largest Paved Trail Network in America
  • Main Street America
  • Top Ten Auto Museum
  • USA Today Favorite Steakhouse
  • National Top Ten Bourbon Bar
  • U.S. Bicycle Route 50
  • North Country Trail

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Who is part of the Great Miami Riverway?

The Great Miami Riverway is a coalition of 19 organizations from Sidney to Hamilton. Visit our Members page for a full list of partners. 

Is the Great Miami Riverway the same as the Riverfront Master Plan?

No. The Riverway sits on many of the working committees for our communities' master plans, but individual communities or organizations are the leaders on those plans.

Who is in charge of the Great Miami Riverway?

The Great Miami Riverway is managed by a coalition of city, county, nonprofit, and regional organizations.

Where is the Great Miami Riverway located?

We represent a 99-mile stretch along the Great Miami River from Sidney to Hamilton - including a mile off each river shore to include our communities. Our physical office is located within the Miami Conservancy District in downtown Dayton. 

How can I join the Great Miami Riverway?

Great question! Head over to our Join page for more information.