Themed Trails

Explore some Curated Itineraries for great things to do all throughout the Great Miami Riverway!
Riverfront Parks Trail
These diverse riverfront parks offer more than quiet relaxation and a casual stroll. From aviation history, a world renowned sculpture park and whitewater runs, concert arenas to kayak launches, these parks are on the extreme. 

Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park

RiversEdge at Marcum Park

Mike's Bike Park

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National Aviation Heritage Area Trail
Along the Great Miami River, the National Aviation Heritage Area tells the region’s rich aviation heritage starting with the Wright Brothers in 1903. Whether you cycle, drive, or hike, visit seven sites and earn an adorable aviator teddy bear, Wilbear. Don’t forget your National Parks Passport book! To register for your Wilbear, visit Aviation Trail, Inc.'s website. 

Carillon Brewing Co.

Texas Beef & Cattle Company

WACO Museum

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Riverway Beer Trail
A refreshing craft brew is just around the corner - or just around the river bend, if you prefer. Grab a pint in any of our thirteen local craft breweries whether you are on the trail, on the river, or in our communities. *please remember that cycling under the influence is a criminal offense. Please cycle and drink responsibly!

Lock 27 Brewing

Star City Brewery

Fretboard Brewing & Public House

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Great Miami River Water Trail
MAP UNDER DEVELOPMENT The Great Miami River originates upstream from Indian Lake and flows southwest to its confluence with the Ohio River, west of Cincinnati. The watershed includes theGreat Miami, Stillwater, and Mad rivers; and is known for its water supply, recreation, industries, productive farmland and high-quality streams. The middle and upper Great Miami River contains some of Ohio’s best smallmouth bass fishing

River Access at Taylorsville MetroPark

Sweet Treats Trail
Follow this trail to the sweetest treats in the Riverway. Award-winning homemade pie, a historic downtown bakery, an internationally-known cupcake shop, sweet candy shops, and plenty of donuts and ice cream. You will want to visit them all! 

Michelle's Macarons

Almond Sisters Bakery

Winans Fine Chocolates and Coffees

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Shopping Trail - Riverway Style
The Great Miami Riverway is home to historic downtown retail districts that are perfect for finding that unique gift. Whether you are looking for custom leather works, vintage vinyl, boutique clothing, or irreverant art, these stores have something just for you. Even Riverway-themed gifts!

Spoken Bicycles


Luna Gifts & Botanicals

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Around the Riverway Food Trail
Embark on a global culinary tour right here in the Riverway! From traditional Irish breakfasts, sweet Columbian arepas, or authentic Thai cuisine, our local restaurants will take you around the globe one dish at a time.

Roost Italian

Canal Street Arcade and Deli

The Spot

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City of Sculpture Cycling Trail
Explore the Riverway's City of Sculpture, Hamilton. Start at Rentschler Forest MetroPark, take the Great Miami River Recreational Trail and be inspired by the many murals and sculptures scattered throughout downtown Hamilton. You’ll wind through Marcum Park, enjoy a splash pad, and end your ride at Municipal Brew Works. *please remember that cycling under the influence is a criminal offense. Please cycle and drink responsibly!

Almond Sisters Bakery

Pyramid Hill and Sculpture Park

Municipal Brew Works

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Pizza Trail
Announcing the Great Miami Riverway’s PIZZA TRAIL of pizza shops. Locally-owned pizza shops are a source of pride for communities, and serve as part of the fabric of each Riverway community. Your favorite is probably on this list, but pick a new one to try – or travel the whole trail and try them all!

Pappa's Pizza Palace

Old Scratch Pizza

Richard's Pizza

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Coffee Lover's Trail
For those in need of a little caffeine fix, or just a great place to relax, write that book, or take a study break, the Riverway is home to several must-try coffee shops. Each location offers a unique theme and menu that is sure to satisfy every coffee lover’s taste.  

The Ohio Coffee Co.

Purebred Coffee

Curious Styles and Coffee Shop

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