New Mural Celebrates the Great Miami River

New Mural Celebrates the Great Miami River’s Significance in the City of Hamilton

We’re thrilled to reveal the latest addition to the Great Miami Riverway - a breathtaking new mural that pays tribute to the river’s natural beauty, rich history, and enduring resilience!

Located along the Great Miami River Recreational Trail, the mural spans 250 feet on the Miami Conservancy District's floodwall in Hamilton. This larger-than-life work of art is the result of a creative collaboration between Street Spark, Often Seen Rarely Spoken, the City of Hamilton, and the Miami Conservancy District. The mural's name is "Tourism Series: Hamilton" and the design draws inspiration from the river and how it connects us to nature, to recreation, to our economy, and to our local history and heritage.

But this mural is more than just a stunning visual centerpiece - it’s a powerful symbol of the vital role that infrastructure plays in protecting and enhancing our river communities. The wall that serves as a canvas is also part of the Miami Conservancy District’s regional flood protection system, which has been safeguarding lives, properties, and economic vitality in the region for over a century.

From the levees and dams that tame the river’s floods, to the flood walls that stabilize its banks, these heroes of engineering tirelessly work behind the scenes to keep our communities safe and resilient in the face of the ever-changing environment. By integrating public art and recreation - such as the new mural and the Great Miami Riverway’s growing network of trails and parks - we’re able to showcase the incredible value and beauty of flood protection infrastructure in a whole new light. 

The next time you’re out exploring the Great Miami Riverway, take a moment to marvel not just at the natural wonders of the river, but also at the human ingenuity and dedication that have made it possible for us to coexist with it safely and sustainably. And be sure to snap a photo with our new mural - we can’t wait to see your smiling faces basking in the glow of the latest addition to our river landscape!